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Quality Home Repair
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About Us

 "When I walk into a home, I like to treat it like it's mine"  - Walter McIntyre, Founder, HANDYMAC Services.

 Company History
  HANDYMAC Services LLC was founded in 1990. Founder, Walter McIntyre had always  envisioned owning his own company and as such, took on odd jobs around Gwinnett County for several months as a way to build up clientele and supplement his former construction job. His clients were so pleased with his work that Walter struck out on his own with a passion and drive for excellence. Treating any home he works on like his very own, Walter takes great care in producing quality work at a price you can afford.  

   Today ...
  Walter, who is fully licensed and insured, runs HANDYMAC Services LLC capably and professionally. HANDYMAC Services is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia but we do work around the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Please inquire for details.        
Customer Testimonials

"I thank God for the honor to be one of Walter's clients;
our basement was completely damaged. Personally, for me 
I thought that I could never trust any Handy Man because of
my 25 year experience with a bad BAD handyman, until now.
Walter is a man with insight and very intelligent. He is a
Handyman of his word. My family and I are very satisfied with
his work. He got the basement ready right on time - the very
first person that viewed it wanted to rent it right away without
hesitation. The basement was rented the day after completion.
F. Michael, Lawrenceville, GA
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